Space (Invaders Demake? Evaders?) Devaders! (It's not like I gave it a lot of thought.)

A reverse space invaders clone developed in under three hours for

Controls: 🡄, 🡆 or A, D

F5 to reset the web version, R to reset the desktop version.

Consider yourself a winner if your aliens reach the earth.

I misunderstood how trijam works, so I thought I jumped in late during the Rocknight stream and finished ahead of them by a few minutes. Technically that left me with about 20 minutes to spare which I used the next day to polish. The web build was made after. You can still grab the original version if you want to.

The awesome music is Sm@rth Vs Hidden Fortress - Creepy Castle which I also used for my game GIGADOOMER some years ago.

What makes it 8-Bit? I used only three colors of the C64 palette. I guess that makes it 2 bit, but oh well...

Run the downloaded game using Love 11.x, you can grab it from here:

Install instructions

Launch the game using Löve 11.x from


Download 1 MB
Download original 4 kB

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