A competitive economic strategy game for two players (hot-seat mode) where you have to build a taller skyscraper than your opponent and survive.

Goal: build a taller skyscraper than your opponent, or is it?

How to play

Each turn the next flood draws nearer.

A player has the choice of four options per turn:

  1. Build a factory, which gets you income but shortens the time to the next flooding. A good choice for your first turn.
  2. Do climate reseach, which increases the time to the next flooding.
  3. Enlarge your tower.
  4. Pass.

Depending on your actions the water levels may rise faster or slower.

A game by Daniela Bruns and Philipp Überbacher with music by denovaire.

Created during the 6th KLUjam in 48 hours.

Install instructions

Please note that the web version is experimental and may not work as intended. Please try any of the offline options below.

For any OS: To play the game please get Löve 11.2 from https://love2d.org/ and run SSCC.love game with it.

For the Windows version:

  1. Download  SSCC_Windows.zip
  2. Extract  SSCC_Windows.zip
  3. Run SSCC.exe

For the Mac version:

  1. Download sscc.app.zip
  2. Do what you usually do with those app things, I have no idea.


SSCC.love 10 MB
SSCC_Windows.zip 13 MB
sscc.app.zip 24 MB

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