A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

"Follow ME!"  is a parodistic game about social media and its use in forming political opinions. You have to post messages to create a large number of followers and become the most powerful man mouse in the world!

A game by:

  • Daniela Bruns
  • Peter Gründl
  • Philipp Überbacher

Post-Jam TODO:

  1. Fix that one random crash bug
  2. Add music to win screen (re-use intro music)
  3. Make goal (100%/100%) more obvious (maybe in instapoll?)
  4. Finish hack/blackmail mechanic
  5. Finish selfiegram mechanic
  6. Web-playable version

Install instructions

  • Windows: Unzip, follow-me.exe
  • OSX: CTRL + open (because of security settings)
  • Linux: Install Löve 0.10.x, 'love follow-me.love'


follow_me.love 8 MB
follow_me-macosx.zip 12 MB
follow_me-win32.zip 11 MB

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