Survival of the Cookiest is a competitive cookie platformer.

Push the other cookie into the milk, try not to fall in yourself!

What you see above is Version 1.2 of the experimental WebGL edition - written in LÖVE, converted for the web with love.js.

If you experience problems then please try another browser (e.g. Chromium instead of Firefox).
Better yet, install a desktop version, available for Linux, Mac or Windows (further down this page).


  • A, D, W and Left, Right, Up to control the left and right cookie respectively
  • 0 increases, 9 decreases the speed (Version 1.1, and even negative speed in 1.2)
  • B toggles a debug view (Version 1.2)
  • Enter pushes buttons, ESC brings you back

Survival of the Cookiest is an entry for the KLUJAM 2017

Topic: Cloud + Cookies


  • Demi Dauerer - Physics & Sound Cookie
  • Stephanie Kühnl - Graphics & Git & Level Cookie
  • (Bojan Miljevic - Lost Cookie)
  • Philipp Überbacher - Cookie Löver
  • Music by Peter Hafele

Game Framework: LÖVE

If you want to fix our bugs, you can find the code on our Github page or by unzipping

Version 1.0 is what we handed in at the gamejam.

Verision 1.1 fixes some bugs and adds convenience features.

  • Physics are improved, you can now jump off the other cookie (with some skill). Still not bug free and probably never will be (probable cause: scrolling implementation).
  • One button to toggle sound ("M")
  • Decrease and Increase speed ("9" and "0"). Resets with each death. (Careful! If you decrease the speed too much the clouds will start to fly upwards and the game will break. Have fun :))

Version 1.2 fixes bugs and adds minor features.

  • Cookies no longer get stuck in the clouds.
  • Reverse scrolling works correctly now. Default speed is 3, press '9' to decrease, stop and eventually reverse. Press '0' to increase. The scrolling speed is now persistent across rounds.
  • Debug view, press 'b' (think 'bug') to get a small look behind the scenes.

Install instructions

Download the latest version for your operating system.


  1. Extract
  2. Run Survival-of-the-Cookiest


  1. Install Löve (minimum 0.10.x)
  2. Run 'love'


  1. It is intuitive!
  2. It is untested!
  3. Tell us whether it works!


Download 7 MB
Download 7 MB
Download 8 MB
Download 4 MB
Download 7 MB
Download 7 MB
Download 8 MB
Download 4 MB


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fun.even when you are alone it's fun!

Thanks! Glad to hear that. I guess it's the wonky physics that make it challenging.

Takes too much to load, maybe it's on my end.

The game is cute, and would be a lot better with some moves like punching and it needs to be more smooth in the movement.

Anyway had a fun little time with my sister, keep up the good work :)


The offline version should start quickly.

I know the physics is weird and we initially planned to add various skill and things, but it was a game jam game made in 48 hours, so we had to cut stuff.

Glad you enjoyed it anyway. I am considering doing a remake, but no promises.

well I'd say you did great in 48 hours, I'll be waiting for your next projects for sure :)

Version 1.2 is up now and (as far as I can tell) finally fixes the bug where cookies sometimes got stuck in the clouds. Reverse scrolling also works properly now. This is likely the final version.

- Philipp

(1 edit)

I added an experimental HTML5 version.

- Philipp

I have reworked parts of the code. Version 1.1 is up now, enjoy!

- Philipp