A small game without visuals made in three hours during Trijam #27.

This is an audio-only game, controlled using the keyboard.

The idea is based on Wumpus World from Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach by Russell and Norvig.

Ranked 1st! This is the first time I won a jam, thanks a lot everyone!

The map on the right is not the actual map used in the game, just an example.

Install instructions

The .love file works on all operating systems, provided you have Löve 11.x installed.

The .AppImage file should work on any Linux distribution. You may need to mark it as executable, e.g. via

chmod +x Blind_Wumpus_World.AppImage


blind_wumpus_world_3.love 7 MB
blind_wumpus_world_2.love 7 MB
blind_wumpus_world_1.love 7 MB
Blind_Wumpus_World.AppImage 11 MB
blind-wumpus-world-v3.deb 7 MB
BlindWumpusWorld_v3_OSX.zip 13 MB
BlindWumpusWorld_v3_win64.zip 11 MB
BlindWumpusWorld_v3_win32.zip 10 MB


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Oh wow! First time I won a jam :]
Thanks a lot!


You were very ambitious, completely deserved.

Fffuuuuuuuuffffff, so goood! I found gold! I'm lucky! Loved the experience :)

Really put a smile on my face with that commentary.


I love this.

Stepping forward bump                           that's a wall.

I've just made a few quick fixes, the web build is version 2 now, but version 1 is still available.

1) Now you just bump into a wall rather than step forward (but if you liked the other way better I can easily switch it back).

2) Slightly increased volume.

3) Placed gold in a somewhat harder to reach spot. The original placement was from Russel & Norvig, but it was a bit too easy to find the gold by accident.

Yeah, I got the gold pretty easily my first time just by button mashing lol. One thing though, if there was a way to skip the intro it would be very convenient.

(1 edit)

Uploaded version 3 with two changes:

1) Stop all currently playing audio by pressing 's'. Unfortunately this doesn't work with the web build because "The seek function for sound sources is not implemented." (LoveWebBuilder).

2) Input for left/right/forward throttled to one per second. Previously you could move multiple times and get feedback only once, which could lead to confusion.

I added desktop builds for Linux (Debian and derivatives), OSX and Windows for your convenience.

They are all entirely untested, please report any issues.