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This is a (late) entry for XKCD jam 2017 (https://itch.io/jam/xkcdgamejam).

Jam Diary (or: how not to jam)

## Day 1 - Friday

### Preparation

* Update ZeroBrane Studio from 1.60 to 1.70

### 11:00 The Jam is On!

* Create main.lua
* Post progress screenshot
* Go grocery shopping
* Wait for package
* git init
* Wish for a nap but decide to consolidate it with the post-dinner nap to enhance productivity
* Clean monitors
* Get tablet to work
* Prepare twitch channel
* Do the dishes
* Start jam diary
* Cook Dinner
* Doodle Comic
* Nap
* Look at first jam entry
* Watch Jim Sterling's 'Industry Bullshit'
* Play 'West of Loathing'

## Day 2 - Saturday

* Try out huge new coffee maker and toast
* Post progress screenshot
* Redefine Game Jam as performance art
* Start over 'West of Loathing'
* Get sick of all that great coffee
* Fail to fix web browser after update
* Start over 'West of Loathing'
* Dinner
* Watch someone play Chatruletka on Twitch
* Copy löve default config file
* Find out that neither Krita, Pencil2D nor Vpaint improves my drawing skills
* Look at all the awesome new Löve libraries I didn't research or try before the jam
* Decide to better not make music myself and look for some neat jaw harp tracks

## Day 3 - Sunday

* Curse everyone responsible for the broken local network
* Fall back to tiny old coffee maker
* Re-discover some cake
* Life lesson: When you curse someone, make sure it's not yourself
* Post progress screenshot
* The skybox on the big screen is very pretty today
* Nap
* Watch cute bobcat videos
* Animate lasso
* Watch big cats lie lazily in the sun
* Draw train and wagon
* Brag about my awesome drawing skills
* Watch Kitten Cabana
* Dinner
* Show off awesome animation skills on twitch
* pacman -S love
* Trains!
* Animations!

## Day 4 - Monday

* Upload unplayable under construction version on itch.io, does that make it AAA? Oh damn, should have implemented the loot boxes first.
* Submit more then one hour before the deadline!
* Shower
* sed 's/Dinner/Pizza/g' jam_diary.md
* Coffee
* Sorry, I won't make it to work today

Install instructions

It is under construction at this time and not playable yet.

Please travel to the future and check back.


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