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Unique experience.  But Hue! I'm not smart enough to judge the Hue!  nice job anyway... from here, once you have your interesting idea, focus on game feel and fun.  good work.

Thanks a lot!
I have more difficulty with saturation.
I know it's not fun, but thanks, if I can come up with a way to make this game fun I will likely change it after the rating period.

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I had a chance to test the Mac build today and unfortunately it didn't work. Uploads are disabled during the voting period, so you will have to make do with the web version for now.

The Windows builds should work, but I only tested them through WINE.

The Debian version is as of yet untested.

No matter which OS you use, you can always grab the Löve framework and run the .love file directly. Made with Löve 11.x and possibly works with 0.10.x.

I was made aware that I had forgotten to add an essential control to the description. Press SPACE to check whether the color is correct. (Thanks Rangermann!)

That's very creative and it fits the theme.

Thanks a lot :]